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Announcing: MPLC Community Group

I have had a sensational summer encouraging homeschoolers throughout the SouthEastern States during this past convention season. But, I’m not stopping there.

MPLC CoOp mtg

MPLC will support the homeschool community within the West Orlando Region through a weekly wednesday co-operative with occasional encouraging parent meetings.
But, don’t fret, if you’re not local to West Orange County we’ll also be hosting some virtual sessions. So, stay connected here and our fb page. There’s more coming to you from MunroePalms Learining Centre, including our youtube series, aptly titled “Growing Greatness.”

Until next time,
Remember to keep Growing Greatness


A New Start

Last year, our first day of school got sidetracked by the appearance of a gigantic spider; the in-depth chase, hunt and subsequent slaughter of said gigantic spider; and then we never got it back together.

The first day of school NEVER goes as planned!!

So, this year I decided to start the way we ended last year, on a Tuesday. This was a strategic decision because our local discount movie theater is only $1 on Tuesdays. That’s right, I planned for things not to go according to plan. The ideal plan anyway.
Of course, there were still bumps in our day but the big points were accomplished:

»»  P.E. & Prayer in the morning: led by MrC
If only everyday could start this way. Alas, a Man must work.
»»  Science Fiction in the afternoon: “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
Discussed the possibility of time travel and observations in the continuity, or lack of, within a series.
»»  Home Ec/Life Skills in the evening: Job$
They needed to be reassigned and reinstated.


There has been quite a bit of readjusting going on here, which I’ll elaborate in another post later this week. And unlike the past 8 years of our homeschool journey I am not even close to having everything prepared, planned, or even somewhat organized. I might explain that later. But, today was a New Day. A Successful Day. With many more to come. #aNewStart #MPLC2014

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.

Mission:Possible 2012

Officially OVER!!

Last Day of School for MunroePalms 2011!!!

We are Done 😀
I’m going to celebrate with a nap 😉
& let the boys watch a video

+ they are FINALLY going to let me show them one of my favourite childhood movies:

HhhhEeeeLlllPppp – HELP!!!

STILL can’t really decide if we should continue with American History or switch to World History.
I’m currently down to:

A Living History of World (Queen HomeSchool)
{which we could use for American or World History – 1/7}

Mystery of History (Bright Idea)
{which is World History – 1/4}

Genesis, Deuteronomy, & Ancient Egypt (Simply Charlotte Mason’s Module 1)
{which is World History – 1/7}

Any thoughts?


-TIA, Mrs. C.

There are only…………

10 HomeSchool days
left in 2011

which includes:
• Leu Gardens
• JESUS notebooks
• Presidents books
• Puzzles
• Maps
• Nature Journals
• Magnets &
• The Nutcracker

I Found It!


My new friend, Stef Layton @ Educating Layton posted on her facebook earlier this week that she found hers.
I asked her to come help  me find mine.
#Not this time.
But, with a little LOT of encouragement from Mr.C.  my desk has been rescued from a paper burial.

I knew it was there, somewhere!

I have yet to post about our school room (The Great Room), it’s miraculous transformation, and my adventures in trying to sort it out.
The whole learning space is not completely clean and organized. Nope. Still not done yet.
But, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

My Super Readers

KC- TheSuperReader

I have 3 Super Readers. This is KC & KJ when they 1st read a whole book by themselves.

I was able to teach all my sons how to read.

KJ- TheSuperReader

2011 Home Education Plan

    This is our 2011 Home Education Plan; and I am so very excited to be able to join in on
Heart of the Matter’s “Not Back-to-School” Blog Hop.
Here at MunroePalms Learning Centre, our school year runs from January to December.
So, I’m sharing what we have used since Jan. as well as what we plan to use through the end of Dec.


All Together


~My Father’s World from A-Z
>>We had a great time working through this together.
~Adventures In My Father’s World
>>We’re just beginning to pick this back up again.


~The Chronicles of Narnia
>>This includes the whole book set, the Focus On The Family radio drama series, the movies made by the BBC (I watched them all as a little girl), as well as the new movies by Disney/Walden Media.


~Rosetta Stone-Spanish
>>This was our major purchase this year & we’re just getting into it. So far, so good.
~Signing Time
>>Not using the DVDs in any particular order, just what we can get from the library.


~I Can Do All Things
>>We’re going to “try” to do this together.


~Upward Sports-Soccer
>>All the boys LOVE this & are waiting in eager anticipation for the season to begin. (Not ’til the end of September.)
~Family Sports Day
>>Directed by Mr. C., these are days where the whole family hits the field/park for any sport to learn, play, or practice. This also includes Nature Walks/Rides on the county trail.
>>One of the boys rotating Jobs is to be “Chef.” The Chef assists in the Kitchen for Lunch & Dinner.(which means none of the other boys are crowding in there when it’s not their turn) I plan to use one those days to show them how to cook a real meal using the Microwave. (Starting with CJ first)

CJ – 3rd grade

~Math Mammoth 1A/1B/2A/2B 
>>We worked through these so he could use…
~Teaching Textbooks Math 4
>>CJ has been wanting to use this for SO long. Now, that he’s ready, he is doing Very Well. 🙂

~Language Lessons for the Very Young 2
>>After he finished this in May we tried Emma Serl’s Primary Language Lessons and Rod & Staff English. But…
~Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 1
>>This is what he prefers so we will continue with the series.
~Spelling Power
>>CJ likes only studying the words he doesn’t know and he loooks forward to discovering the activities he gets to choose from. (I prepare 2 or 3 each week and let him pick one each day.)
~Getty-Dubay Italic D 
>>I LOVE the end result and this is helping his writing look neat again. (He did not do well with the program they used at the private school.)
~Writing Strands 2
>>We’ll begin this in Sept./Oct. at a slow pace. Maybe once a week.
~ABEKA Readers
>>I love that I can get some of these at our local used bookstore 🙂

Ms.Jenni & Mrs.C. (best friends since 6th grade)

~ Private Guitar Lessons
>>He LOVES this special time each week with Ms. Jenni. ❤
(& I love that it means that as busy as life gets, I get to see my best friend every week.) 😉

KC & KJ – Kindergarten

~The Reading Lesson Book 
>>They REALLY enjoy doing this together and the CD-Rom for Computer Time.
~My Father’s World 1st
>>We just started this since completing the phonics portion of mfwA-Z. If it’s too much, we’ll just finish The Reading Lesson.
~Getty-Dubay Italic B
>>Going very slowly with them on this. A little at a time.
~ABEKA Readers
>>did I mention about finding these at the local used bookstore? 😉

~Smart Alec Math Problem Solving PK
>>I love this series. They’re very inexpensive and I used them with CJ when he was at this stage.
~Smart Alec Math Problem Solving K
>>They’ve actually completed these books already.
~Cuisenaire Rods Math
>>I have a Really Old teachers book we’re doing activities out of for a while. They may move into Math Mammoth 1A.

 But, I JUST found Math Lessons for a Living Education and I think this would suit them better. (Plus, it’s based on a story about twins.) 😉

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