2012 Education Plan

This plan is subject to change before or during the year.


  • CJ: 4th Grade
  • KC: 1st Grade
  • KJ: 1st Grade



Wisdom and the Millers (CJ, KC & KJ)


GEOGRAPHY: **1st semester**

~Weekly Missions/Bible Class
w/ additional home studies using resources from
Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World
and mfw Exploring Countries and Cultures  (CJ, KC & KJ)


HISTORY:  **2nd semester**

A Living History of Our World -vol.#1 
w/ student journals (CJ, KC & KJ)



Apologia’s Elementary Astronomy
w/ learn n’ folders (CJ, KC & KJ)



Increasing In Wisdom (CJ)

My Father’s World 1st (KC & KJ)



Life Of Fred Elementary Series  (CJ)
Math Lessons for a Living Education -bk.#3  (CJ)

Math Lessons for a Living Education -bk.#1  (KC & KJ)



Queen Language Lessons for the Elementary Child-vol.#1 (CJ)
SpellingPower (CJ)
Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children (CJ)

My Father’s World 1st (KC & KJ)



Abeka Readers  (CJ, KC & KJ)



ART –I Can Do All Things (CJ, KC & KJ)

Spanish –Rosetta Stone  latin american (CJ, KC & KJ)

Typing –Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum (CJ, KC & KJ)

Music -weekly lessons with Ms. Jenni (CJ, KC & KJ)

Soccer –Upward Sports in autumn, Sept.-Nov. (CJ, KC & KJ)


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