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MunroePalms began as an extension of the learning that takes place in our home and life journey.   We have entered on a road to life-long learning and have embraced the call to educate others including our own children and those in the community around us.   We have discovered much and realize others may be able to benefit from what we have encountered.  We do not consider ourselves to be the leading experts or scholars on any matter, but enjoy the process of sharing knowledge; both giving and receiving.

Mr.C. & Mrs. C.

We have been blessed with three sons: Our 1st born CJ (12) and our twins KC & KJ (9).

They are Busy, Bouncy, Boisterous, Blessed BOYS!  Their presence is a constant reminder of the challenge to us to be better mates upholding our covenant in a manner that is worthy of the call and to be the best parents we could be to each of them.

KC,  Mrs.C.,  CJ,  & KJ

You can expect to find stories and ideas that are unique, but certainly not limited to us.  Stories about our homeschool journey and ideas about life in general.  You can expect to find references to the Bible, as who we are is deeply rooted in the Word and Spirit of its Author.

Come Grow With Us…..

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  1. Thanks for your follow over at Maverick Mom! I think you’ve got a great blog and look forward to checking in. I have twins just like yours. They’re identical aren’t they? Hope all is well in your homeschooling endeavors.

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