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My, How Time Flies…

I know. I know. It’s been Waaayyyy TOO LONG since my last post.  Our official 1st day of school for MunroePalms Learning Centre 2012 was January 10th. It is now June 10th.
While we began with a BANG!! The spark rapidly fizzled and we slowly began trodding through the day. That continued with an increase in unfocused, inattentive boys…
So, by March I decided we needed to step back. I changed things up a bit to slow down and build their habit of attention. I took off all the “extras.” The non-core lessons.
No Science. No History. No Art. No Typing. No ASL. No Spanish. & No Music, although Music Lessons were already on break after the recital.
I had the boys work on JUST Calendar, Bible, Spelling, English, Handwriting, Reading, Math & Read-Alouds. I made them each a checklist with those subjects for the week. If they worked diligently and focused then they “earned a Science Lesson” (their favourite). It has taken us this long, but we are finally getting into a rhythm that works for all of us.

Oh My Goodness! That’s half the year.
So much has happened:

• The twins KC & KJ had their birthday and turned 7 years old
*my boys are not babies anymore 😥
• The boys hosted their first sleepover
• Our friends went on a missionary trip to China (& India) for @2 whole months
• I sold some books in the local homeschool Used Curriculum Sale for the first time.
• Mr. C. & I went to a parenting workshop
• The boys and I got locked out of my car @ a Sam’s Club.
• Our car battery died @ a different Sam’s Club.
• I’ve started crocheting again 🙂
• Our god-daughter Graduated High School. She leaves for University in a couple weeks 😥

Her mom & I are SO Proud• We missed the local Homeschool conference for the first time in 4 years.
• CJ took the 3rd grade SAT test
• And too many hilariously Candid Conversations that I missed documenting to share here.
I do however, have some pics of some of events over the past few months that I’ll be updating in this post.
Also, I’m going to try to write a monthly highlight of the homeschool happenings at MunroePalms more frequently.

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