2011 Education Plan

    This is our 2011 Home Education Plan;
Here at MunroePalms Learning Centre, our school year runs from January to December.


  • CJ: 3rd grade
  • KC: Kindergarten
  • KJ: Kindergarten
  • All Together


    ~My Father’s World from A-Z
    >>We had a great time working through this together.
    ~Adventures In My Father’s World
    >>We’re just beginning to pick this back up again.


    ~The Chronicles of Narnia
    >>This includes the whole book set, the Focus On The Family radio drama series, the movies made by the BBC (I watched them all as a little girl), as well as the new movies by Disney/Walden Media.


    ~Rosetta Stone-Spanish
    >>This was our major purchase this year & we’re just getting into it. So far, so good.
    ~Signing Time
    >>Not using the DVDs in any particular order, just what we can get from the library.


    ~I Can Do All Things
    >>We’re going to “try” to do this together.


    ~Upward Sports-Soccer
    >>All the boys LOVE this & are wait in eager anticipation for the season to begin. (Not ’til the end of September.)
    ~Family Sports Day
    >>Directed by Mr. C., these are days where the whole family hits the field/park for any sport to learn, play, or practice. This also includes Nature Walks/Rides on the county trail.
    >>One of the boys rotating Jobs is to be “Chef.” The Chef assists in the Kitchen for Lunch & Dinner.(which means none of the other boys are crowding in there when it’s not their turn) I plan to use one those days to show them how to cook a real meal using the Microwave. (Starting with CJ first)

    CJ – 3rd grade

    ~Math Mammoth 1A/1B/2A/2B 
    >>We worked through these so he could use…
    ~Teaching Textbooks Math 4
    >>CJ has been wanting to use this for SO long. Now, that he’s ready, he is doing Very Well. 🙂

    ~Language Lessons for the Very Young 2
    >>After he finished this in May we tried Emma Serl’s Primary Language Lessons and Rod & Staff English. But…
    ~Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 1
    >>This is what he prefers so we will continue with the series.
    ~Spelling Power
    >>CJ likes only studying the words he doesn’t know and he loooks forward to discovering the activities he gets to choose from. (I prepare 2 or 3 each week and let him pick one each day.)
    ~Getty-Dubay Italic D 
    >>I LOVE the end result and this is helping his writing look neat again. (He did not do well with the program they used at the private school.)
    ~Writing Strands 2
    >>We’ll begin this in Sept./Oct. at a slow pace. Maybe once a week.
    ~ABEKA Readers
    >>I love that I can get some of these at our local used bookstore 🙂

    Ms.Jenni & Mrs.C. (best friends since 6th grade)

    ~ Private Guitar Lessons
    >>He LOVES this special time each week with Ms. Jenni. ❤
    (& I love that it means that as busy as life gets, I get to see my best friend every week.) 😉

    KC & KJ – Kindergarten

    ~The Reading Lesson Book 
    >>They REALLY enjoy doing this together and the CD-Rom for Computer Time.
    ~My Father’s World 1st
    >>We just started this since completing the phonics portion of mfwA-Z. If it’s too much, we’ll just finish The Reading Lesson.
    ~Getty-Dubay Italic B
    >>Going very slowly with them on this. A little at a time.
    ~ABEKA Readers
    >>did I mention about finding these at the local used bookstore? 😉

    ~Smart Alec Math Problem Solving PK
    >>I love this series. They’re very inexpensive and I used them with CJ when he was at this stage.
    ~Smart Alec Math Problem Solving K
    >>They’ve actually completed these books already.
    ~Cuisenaire Rods Math
    >>I have a Really Old teachers book we’re doing activities out of for a while. They may move into Math Mammoth 1A.

     But, I JUST found Math Lessons for a Living Education and I think this would suit them better. (Plus, it’s based on a story about twins.) 😉


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