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Discipleship Deliberation

ok. so. i’ve been reading these posts on tina’s page for a while and thought i’d try one. now, i had this put together from the beginning of november, but couldn’t post it. it’s a little late but i’m sharing it anyway.

Discipleship Deliberation

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~
What a week! :-O
But, we made it through:
– Mr. C. out of town for work.
– Mrs. C. pouting & missing Mr.C. (Oh, yes I did. Not the best attitude but it was mine.)
– getting locked out of the car.
– therefore, being stranded in Sam’s parking lot for a few hours with the boys.
Uuuuugggghhh 😐
– Praise The Lord for AAA
– HomeSchool ministry Mother’s Meeting. **I look forward to these Every Month.

In our studies this week ~
CJ- Math:
Finished lofApples &
began lofButterflies
KC & KJ- Math:
Both finished their book on Subtraction
& began the next SmartAlec book

MrsC- Rearranged the family job chart,
which places more responsibility on the boys to help track their progress and earnings.

What needs some tweaking ~  
Decided to “simmer down” our lessons for the rest of the year.
We’ll focus on finishing the Bible & History lessons together from mfwADV.

My own discipleship ~
I have quite a few books I want to read; but “Oh! look at the time” 😉 lol
(in the voice of Archibald Asparagus, Veggie Tales)

Since a consistent focus is needed over here, I’m going to start over in “The Resolution for Women” ()

The best thing about the week ~
Mr. C. getting back!
*deep sigh*

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ 

— CJ is doing GREAT in his guitar lessons.

Candid Conversations v1.1

this is the beginning of a new series to capture some of the conversations i have with my children that could stand to be documented.

(*imagine one of those cute blog buttons here*)

CJ: “Mummy?”
Me: “Yes, CJ.”
CJ: “I need to contemplate something.”
Me: “What do you need to contemplate?”
CJ: “I need to contemplate my concentration!”
Me: “So…….You need to think about what you think about!! O….K….”
CJ: “Yep!” (with a little giggle)


It’s been WAY Too Long since I was able to post on here.
Had MAJOR technical difficulties with reconfiguring the WordPress app on my BB.
It’s FINALLY Fixed!

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