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Growing Greatness: E1- Genesis

  Wouldn’t you like to take a peek inside our homeschool and journey through parent directed education?
Well now you can and I’m so excited to share our story with you!
Growing Greatness is our youtube series produced by C-SCOPE 20/20. beginning with Episode #1: Genesis.

There are more episodes to come so stay connected here and our fb page.
Until next time,
Remember to keep Growing Greatness 


Announcing: MPLC Community Group

I have had a sensational summer encouraging homeschoolers throughout the SouthEastern States during this past convention season. But, I’m not stopping there.

MPLC CoOp mtg

MPLC will support the homeschool community within the West Orlando Region through a weekly wednesday co-operative with occasional encouraging parent meetings.
But, don’t fret, if you’re not local to West Orange County we’ll also be hosting some virtual sessions. So, stay connected here and our fb page. There’s more coming to you from MunroePalms Learining Centre, including our youtube series, aptly titled “Growing Greatness.”

Until next time,
Remember to keep Growing Greatness

#5thOnThe5th: A New Year

5th on 5th series
It’s January 5th, 2015 (1/5/15) and it is the first day of 5th grade for KC & KJ here at MunroePalms Learning Centre. As usual, the 1st day NEVER goes as planned. So even though what I planned was short and light, to be followed by a trip to the Botanical Garden for a nature walk. We did not make it to the botanical garden.

What Happened?

Well, we began our day with a nature study of a different kind. When MrC. attempted to place the box of  Christmas decorations in the storage shed he discovered a couple of frogs had made themselves a winter hideaway. He immediately solicited the twins’ assistance in gently evicting these special guests. They were successful and made a comfy place for the little amphibians in a bucket. I observed from a safe distance.
After that excitement settled down I  was able to  make progress on  reintroducing the CORE 3:  Bible, Math,  & English. Then, MrC. surprised us  all  with a trip to the pet store for new fish.
5 fish for 5th grade.

Since we didn’t have time to drive across  town to the botanical garden, I took the  boys to one of the parks close by. But, I didn’t realize that both boys also brought along their reading books. As soon as we arrived KC & KJ sat on the swings reading.wpid-wp-1422868706587.jpeg

Seriously! I had to confiscate their books and tell them to “Go Play!”

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.


#WingingItWisely: education plan

Have you been wondering where our 2014 Education Plan is?    I HAVE!!
We’ve always had Group Studies together
(Scripture Memory Verses, History, Geography, Science, & Electives)
and Independent Studies separately (CORE 3: Bible, Math, & English).

So, before our most drastic #CHANGE, I had already selected and purchased all of the resources for Geography, History and Science for a few years. We were set. And I do mean set. I made wise use of the funds I collected while working a temporary seasonal job. Most of the curriculum I purchased were used and priced accordingly. I also have a couple wonderful homeschool friends with whom we share & borrow freely, despite the Many Many miles between us. (USPS knows us well) 🙂
My Point:   I would have only had some minor tweaking in the Core 3 to contend with.

However, after a VERY busy summer I finally sat down to put “plan to paper” (or screen) for education plan 2014. What I discovered was that although I surely factored in the needs of all of my students in designing our previous education plans, they mainly revolved around CJ, as my oldest. Now that he’s in public school and I don’t have any Bonus Boys to hybrid homeschool, I am left with KC and KJ. My babies.
My twinnies.  Well, I guess they’re not babies anymore.
So, I’m taking the time to relish in that thought.
Spending time to know, REALLY KNOW, my twins as individuals and what their interests are.


               Winging  It

Swinging It

               &   Swinging  It

QUESTION:  What does our education plan look like, now?
ANSWER:  I Don’t Know!!!
But, I’ll figure it out…. eventually.
For now, I’m   #WingingItWisely     

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.

A New Start

Last year, our first day of school got sidetracked by the appearance of a gigantic spider; the in-depth chase, hunt and subsequent slaughter of said gigantic spider; and then we never got it back together.

The first day of school NEVER goes as planned!!

So, this year I decided to start the way we ended last year, on a Tuesday. This was a strategic decision because our local discount movie theater is only $1 on Tuesdays. That’s right, I planned for things not to go according to plan. The ideal plan anyway.
Of course, there were still bumps in our day but the big points were accomplished:

»»  P.E. & Prayer in the morning: led by MrC
If only everyday could start this way. Alas, a Man must work.
»»  Science Fiction in the afternoon: “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
Discussed the possibility of time travel and observations in the continuity, or lack of, within a series.
»»  Home Ec/Life Skills in the evening: Job$
They needed to be reassigned and reinstated.


There has been quite a bit of readjusting going on here, which I’ll elaborate in another post later this week. And unlike the past 8 years of our homeschool journey I am not even close to having everything prepared, planned, or even somewhat organized. I might explain that later. But, today was a New Day. A Successful Day. With many more to come. #aNewStart #MPLC2014

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.


I have previously mentioned our fascinating journey with math.
My oldest was using TT4 halfway through 3rd grade and doing well with it..
2 months in and our computer crashed and couldn’t get a replacement anytime soon.
so.. we tried 2 other math programs.. which was A Complete Waste of Time.
We got a new laptop for Christmas and this was one of the first things he asked for.. by the placement test he placed right back in TT4.
He is now close to halfway through TT4.
So, as our school year started up again after a few weeks “summer break” he’s now 11 beginning his 6th grade year doing TT4.
He LOVES it & is doing much better.

It worked out WELL…. VERY WELL.
It is going so well, that the twins couldn’t wait to start using TT3.
So now, all my boys are using Teaching Textbooks math.
(Along with the Life of Fred elementary series and
There are no more school tears… not over math anyway… 😉
and we are enjoying our homeschool journey together again.

What are you using for Math?

new 2013 Education Plan

We are officially half-way through our LAST week of MunroePalms 2012.
Hooray!  And looking forward to beginning our New School year next month.
So, I thought I’d share our finalized plans.


  • CJ: 6th Grade
  • KC: 3rd Grade
  • KJ: 3rd Grade

We started doing the Sabbath Rest thing halfway through last year
and we’ll continue mostly following the pattern this year..
Work Full School Days:  6 weeks..
Rest (light school) the 7th week.

  • Group Studies

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How We HomeSchool

this is how...

...we do it.

When HomeSchooling is mentioned various images may come to mind.  Different families approach HomeSchool in different ways, but we all have the same desire to see our children succeed.  Each HomeSchool’s operation may also vary due to the age and needs of the children.  Ours is very much interwoven with our community.

While much of our coursework is done in the convenience of our home, our children regularly benefit from being connected to the community around us, which enhances our HomeSchool experience.   In a way, you can say part of our HomeSchool experience is outsourced to community members who are more prepared to provide different portions of the education that our children need. This is done without diluting our HomeSchool way of life.

What home school looks like for us!

1)      In our home state of Florida, families desiring to home school must either register as a home education program with the local school district, or a private tutor, or a non-traditional private school.  We choose the latter.  Although, when we first began with CJ’s first grade year, we originally submitted a notice of intent to the district for home education.  The district required us to keep a contemporaneous log of academic activities performed for school and submit an annual evaluation.     In the second year we switched to the non-traditional private school umbrella and have remained to this present day.  We are registered under HomeLife Academy, which is classified as a non-traditional private school.   HLA provides an online account where we submit our education plan, receive student and teacher ID, and input our student’s grades.  It is our hub for school records.  We also have access to school counselors for advice to help us select curriculum as well as being a good sounding board for the issues that arise.   We also registered with Florida Parent Educator’s Association, which is our advocate for HomeSchool Families that help safeguard our legal right to HomeSchool.  They also provide an annual FPEA Convention which is full of resources.  Thousands of home schooling families attend.  See the video to get an idea.

Following The Map

2)      Off Campus:  Connection to my local church has provided additional resources that benefit my children and me.   Once a week I attend a women’s Bible class at my local church.  Infants and preschool children attend child care while school-age children, such as my 9 and 6 year olds participate in a mission’s class taught by volunteers who are members of the church. There, they learn about other cultures such China, India and Egypt , just to name a few.  They often create crafts that depict the culture of each country and they learn social responsibility and Christian values.   It is a great character builder for my boys as it allows them to see how other countries carry out their daily lives.
You can often find us off campus as well visiting one of the nature gardens in Orlando.  Sometimes we meet with other homeschool moms and children making it a group event.  Other off campus activities have included meet-ups organized by other homeschoolers, some of which I originally connected with online.  One of the most recent activity involved a “Back Stage Tour and Party” at a local Chick-Fil-A hosted by The Happy Housewife.

Safety First

Our Host, The Happy Housewife

The children were able to try out the new healthy children’s menu option and I got to try the chicken tortilla salad.  After that, we were able to tour the kitchen and learn about all that Chick-Fil-A goes through to prepare a meal.  The children were amazed to see how many fresh lemons it took to make their famous lemonade.  The food storage was very organized and the kitchen was clean.  The day ended with each child making their own soft serve ice-cream cone from the machine.

We made it ourselves!

One additional element of our off campus activity includes sports.  Upward is a nationally recognized organization that is the world’s largest sports league for children.  They offer leagues for Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Cheerleading.  Our children only participate in UpwardSoccer, but it provides a great sport experience and healthy competition for them.   We also have one other amenity going for us and that is, access to an afterschool program once a week.  Since my husband serves as Director, we are able to visit there once a week.  While I volunteer as a mentor for a student, my sons get to socialize with some of the other students who attend the program.

3)      There are also members of the community that come to our home to deliver services to my HomeSchool.   I have some local friends who are state certified teachers who lend me their ear and expertise from time to time.  This helps me stay on track with our end result.  One of my best friends visits us every week to provide music lessons to my 9 year old.  My younger two are benefiting indirectly, but in the upcoming season we may have to pull them center stage and invest in them more.  For now, my oldest receives guitar lessons.  He can tune his guitar, play chords, notes and identify different parts of his instrument.  He just recently attended and played at his first recital.  I’m ecstatic!

1st Recital

I Did It!

There are many ways to embark on your HomeSchool journey and it is likely to change as you travel down the road.  I hope what I have shared will spark some ideas on how to personalize your HomeSchool and provide the best experience for your family.

Work Space Takes Work

Well, it’s the beginning of a new academic year for us and we recently decided to make improvements on our designated classroom space, which is a transformed carport, now called the Great Room.  The Great Room gives us enough space to house all of our classroom activity.  The only exception is on really hot Florida days and those rare moments when the weather has dropped significantly.  My husband, Mr.C. used cedar wood to enclose it with plenty of open screen windows and doors, which allows for plenty of air flow and natural light, perfect for these active boys.   In the past I have not posted many pictures of our classroom while we worked out the layout, but I’ll post more as we proceed now that I have it looking more the way I desire.

What I do to make it work.

Over the winter break we cleared the desks and freshened up a bit, putting a fresh coat of varnish on the wood desks and reading table as well as on the exterior.  Everyone was involved. Mr.C. also closed in some of the window space to eliminate the occasional overspray of rain drops that blew in from those gusterly winds. He even had me pick up the circular saw to cut a straight edge on the plywood that we’ll put as the underlayment behind the bookshelf  to be constructed behind my desk.  My sons got in on the action as well, helping their dad apply stain to the doors and on the tables you see below.  Having the right space for home school makes class time more respectable and structured for these boys and me.

Bringing back the shine.

A fresh look

CJ doing practical art work using a brush and stain.

Young boys can (and Do) put a lot of wear and tear on classroom items, so to have them involved in the process teaches them a lot about valuing what they have.  It also gives them a sense of appreciation and allows them another opportunity to once again
be the hero.
We have great expectations for the new 2012 school year as my 9yr old  begins fourth grade and the twins begin first grade.  Coming up soon, we’ll post samples of what we do in the Great Room maybe you’ll can get a feel for what our day is like.

Mission:Possible 2012

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