2013 Education Plan

We are  looking forward to beginning our New School year.
So, I thought I’d share our finalized plans.


  • CJ: 6th Grade
  • KC: 3rd Grade
  • KJ: 3rd Grade

We started doing the Sabbath Rest thing halfway through last year
and we’ll continue mostly following the pattern this year..
Work Full School Days:  6 weeks..
Rest (light school) the 7th week.

  • Group Studies

We’ll continue with The Picture Smart Bible  we started with the New testament in January…(instead of the old testament first).  When we finish our 2012 school year we’ll have completed up to Ephesians.
Next year we’ll finish the NT then do some other studies before beginning the OT the following year.

We are going to use a combination of Beautiful Feet’s Early American Primary & Intermediate History guides along with all the other American History resources we have accumulated.

Bright Idea Press’ Christian Kids Explore series
CKE- Biology (July-Dec.)
CKE- Earth & Space (Jan-June)
I’ve been wanting to use these books for a while and we’re all so excited to get started.

  • Independent Studies

Teaching Textbooks (M-Th)
Life of Fred (F)
My 3rd graders can’t wait to start TT3  just like my 6th grader,
who’s finishing up TT4 then starting TT5.

Using their LOVE of reading (more like inhaling) books to alternate
Total Language Plus study guides
w/ Progeny Press study guides

Abeka Reading Books  (I have quite a collection I’ve slowly accumulated from the used book store in my town.. that’s where people dump off their old ones)
I’ll just have them read a selection aloud to me each day.

We are going to do 4 full days a week
but, “light” Fridays..

  Biblical Character/Geography
(using Missionary Stories and the Millers, instead of our regular bible curriculum),
  Math (Life Of Fred),
& an elective or two…
  Literature  (books we’ll read aloud just because we love them),
  Spanish  (with RosettaStone),
  Typing  (Typing Instructor),
and/or Crafts (painting/knitting/drawing/crocheting/building)
Plus, time to “catch up” if we got behind on anything during the week.

*This plan is subject to change before or during the year.*


  1. Our math ideas are almost the same. We love Life of Fred and Teaching Textbooks. I will have to look into the picture smart Bible.
    Blessings, Dawn

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