Bio: Yvette Munroe

wpid-wp-1423017620686.jpegYvette Munroe

is a wife and mother of 3, residing in Central Florida.  A genuine nurturer, Yvette  has served in various roles at some of Central Florida’s grassroots organizations while maintaining a strong influence in her home, providing parent directed education for over 7 years.


Yvette’s early training as a student of TeachBoston, a program for aspiring young teachers, has fueled her passion and honed her skills, as she served as a Preschool Teacher in the heart of Orlando.  Over the course of time she has stood in additional roles as a service provider for Kindergarten through 5th grade, tutoring in after-school programs.


As a Children’s Church Director, Yvette oversaw a vibrant children’s church consisting of 200 children in weekly attendance, while coordinating curriculum and schedules for up to 60 volunteers each month.  With a desire for excellence she has diligently delved through curriculum, trained teachers and energetically taught students the Word of God while actively supporting her husband as Director of Student Ministries.

Yvette’s heart for children has led to her involvement in the local public schools, where she has formally mentored middle school girls through a third-party organization.  Her passion for education has resulted in a wide grasp on a number of homeschool curriculum and a firsthand account in various approaches to education.  This knowledge has served her well as she devotes herself to enthusiastically homeschooling her 3 boys, as well as assisting in the homeschooling of others, to prepare them for educational excellence.mplc header


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