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Round #2: Glasses


 When they’re not on your face,
they’re in the case!!!

That’s the Law. The rule from the first day we left the opticians office. However,  as time went on we all got a little lax in diligently following the rule.
Then a few weeks ago, someone in this photo (whose identity I’ve chosen to  protect) left their glasses on the floor right beside their bed. Late that night a loud  crunch was heard as those glass frames were crushed into 4 pieces.

Fortunately, it was only 3 months since The Rule was instituted, and so they were  still covered by the one year warranty. Hooray!

The replacements were picked up today and The Rule still applies, so let us try  this again. Round #2:
When they’re not on your face,
they’re in the case!!!


To Pay, or Not To Pay?

THAT is the Question:

About 4 or 5 years ago.. I was praying about this issue.
We have boys.. all boys…
Busy, Bouncy, Boisterous Boys!
Who are going to be men, husbands, fathers.
In teaching them responsibility and work ethic,
God.. led me to assign the names for each job.

We used to have their chores (job$) rotate each day…
But it got harder to track their pay.. 25 cents per job per day.
So now they rotate each week.

 The Sweeper

The Sweeper

for example:

Chef (selects breakfast; snack options, makes lunch for everyone, and helps me prepare dinner)
Recycler (empties the trash cans, replaces trash bags, takes recycling to the container outside as it accumulates in the kitchen)
KITCHEN (basic jurisdiction for the week)

Waiter (sets and clears the table.. and also gets to TELL everyone else where they sit. Daddy says he always knows who is the waiter because they sit themselves close to him for the whole week)
ShoeShine (make sure all the shoes are not scattered around the house and are in the shoe cubbies MrC. built in the front closet)
LIVING ROOM (basic jurisdiction for the week)

Plumber (boys + toilet = needs to be cleaned almost everyday)
Sweeper (somehow it seems these children have wholes in their mouths at every meal)
BATHROOM (basic jurisdiction for the week to make sure mummy doesn’t walk through the hallway and smell it like it’s a rest stop)

KC, The Dishwasher

The Dishwasher

plus, they alternate odd/even days for the Butler (laundry) & Dishwasher

The twins are 2 boys so they do even days.
& CJ does odd days, with occasional parental assistance 😉

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.

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