Who Moved My Cheese?

Yeah. I know… you read the title of this post and you’re wondering where I’m going with it. Well, Who Moved My Cheese? is the title of a book. A book I read many years ago with MrC during the first few months of our marriage. It’s a book about change. The changes you go through in life and how you respond to them. So, when I began to contemplate my feelings over the recent changes in my life, these were the words that filled my brain and most accurately expressed my thoughts:

Who Moved My Cheese?


For those of you that don’t know me in real life, and maybe those who do, the past couple years have been crazy busy, in our family life, as well as our homeschool. Many changes, adjustments with me being pushed and pulled out of my comfort zone. #CHANGE
A big part happened as more and more opportunities opened up for us to encourage other parents, especially those from within our demographic, to be more proactively involved in the education of their children. We have always felt that whatever the avenue chosen: Home School, Public School, or Private School; Every set of parents should be active advocates for their children as individual students.

From that stance, quite a few opportunities began to arise for me to assist and consult with other parents deciding how best to educate their children during the current or changing season in their lives, recommending curriculum resources, or loaning some from off my bookshelves. Which also culminated in/ended up including hybrid homeschooling 2 additional boys, along with my own 3, assisting in the delivery of core academic instruction. #CHANGE

I love homeschooling and the additional time it has given me with my sons. Helping them advance in their strengths and supporting them through their academic challenges. When asked, we have always explained our choice to home-educate as “currently the best option for their educational environment.” Well, at the beginning of 2014 it began to be more evident that that particular statement no longer rang true for CJ. MrC and I had a couple small discussions (faculty conferences) about our options. My first choice was the local private school that offered Enrichment & Elective Classes on Mondays and Core Curriculum Courses Tuesday-Thursdays with an optional Study Hall on Fridays, (We do not have time for me to list all the many many reasons why I thought this was perfect.) it was not a plausible possibility.
Reasons being: I no longer had a separate vehicle since my car died (i.e. HouseBound Homeschoolers), our budget could not accommodate the financial burden that would require, we would be attempting a 2nd Semester admission, and there was already an extensive wait-list.

Walking to the Bus Stop

Walking to the Bus Stop

Then came a quick trip away for me to assist in a family multi-state relocation. The longest time for me to be separated from my husband and sons in all our lives. #CHANGE  During that time MrC took the reigns on the day-to-day operations of MunroePalms Learning Centre. (Isn’t he just Awesome?) That opportunity freed my heart and mind from being so intensely focused on our homeschool. (Isn’t it good to rest? Even for just a little while.) So, when I returned MrC was ready to discuss enrolling CJ into our local public school and I was ready to listen and follow his lead. #CHANGE

This brought about BIG CHANGES!!

  •  There has been #CHANGE for CJ: adjusting to the much longer school day, riding on the school bus, 7 different classes in 7 different classrooms with 7 new teachers, being constantly surrounded by hundreds of other children, and the demands of additional homework to be done after that already long day at school. #CHANGE
  •   There has been #CHANGE for MrC: not having as much time to interact with CJ during the weekdays, due to his work schedule, and now having to capitalize on the weekend. #CHANGE
  •   There’s even been #CHANGE for KC & KJ: who miss CJ during the day, despite the way he would do “big brother things” to purposely get on his little brother’s nerves. #CHANGE
  •   And of course, there’s been #CHANGE for me: adjusting to being apart from my oldest son (Yes. I know it’s only a few hours a day. I did say I was adjusting.), adjusting to no longer being CJ’s main academic instructor, surprisingly mourning the books, activities, field trips and curriculum I won’t have the opportunity to teach and share with him, and also surprising was dealing with the guilt of what I should’ve/could’ve done differently with him. #Major  #CHANGE

So, how do you respond to change?
Do you freeze in denial, not moving one way or the other?   Maybe.
Do you see “the bigger picture,” quickly making the necessary adjustments?   Maybe.
Or do you “take it in stride,” because you were aware, watching, observing your surroundings?   Maybe.

I look back and see how The Lord slowly and gently prepared my heart to be more open and accepting to the multitude of #CHANGE in this season. Isn’t it amazing how The Lord will bring something back to your remembrance from long ago?


As I wrote this post, I decided I should attempt to locate this book. After a visit to my local used bookstore, I can now reread this book and better answer the question:

Who Moved My Cheese?

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.


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  1. Praise God! Change is truly a blessing in disguise. I’m happy for what the Lord is doing in your life and family.

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