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Motherhood: Is It A Dream?

“I’m Living My Dream…..” (Allyson: Mom’s Night Out)

When I was really young if you asked me who I wanted to be when I grew up, with a big beaming dimpled smile I would reply, “When I grow up I’m going to be a very Very VEry VERy VERY famous actress.” Since I loved musicals, whether shown in the theater, the cinema, or at home on VHS, singing was naturally included. At least in my mind. I loved being in the school plays but I was never one who begged for attention or felt the need to be the absolute focus of the spotlight. Believe it or not, I was shy.image
As I continued to grow and transitioned through a big family relocation I became comfortable in a supporting role. I helped. I assisted. I supported.
After a while, women in my life found themselves pregnant, all in various ages and stages of their lives. While they were happily and nervously preparing to be single mothers; I found myself assisting, supporting, encouraging them.   I could complete a baby registry with the main essentials, set up a crib, diaper change a baby extremely quickly and accurately even while blindfolded.

I look back at those times, and know that it wasn’t just me helping them. It was me “going to school.” Me being taught. My education. Yes, even the blindfolded diaper changes during baby shower games.
It was God preparing me for the desire of my heart. My own family. Me mothering and nurturing my own children.
While even as I dreamed of being a “very Very VEry VERy VERY famous actress,” I always knew I would have an amazingly loving husband and a few children, beginning with a son. Somewhere along the line my dream shifted, adjusted, became re-prioritized.

When I gave my heart to the Lord,
He gave me a new desire for my heart.
So now, I AM living My dream.

And this heart is morimagee full than I ever imagined.  Despite certain circumstances, God has allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the process of each of my three pregnancies. He not only blessed me with my first born son, but I have birthed three amazingly handsome sons (who look just like daddy).  Don’t get me wroimageng. Motherhood is not all roses and daisies.   Motherhood is hard. Let me say that again:

 Motherhood Is Hard!   But, it’s worth all the work.
Many people know that 1st Corinthians 13 says
“Love is Patient, Love is Kind….”

But it also says “Love Bears all things, Believes all things,
Hopes all things, Endures all things. ”
Motherhood is ALL those things.
Motherhood requires ALL those things.
Being a mother requires Patience.
Being a mother requires Kindness.
Being a mother requires Bearing.
Being a mother requires Belief.
Being a mother requires Hope.
Being a mother requires Endurance.
Being a mother requires Love.

Motherhood IS Hard.   But, mothers Love Harder.

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.


Three Things Thursday: Beginning

Three Things Thursday:

        #1.      I’m Baaacckkk!!!

I’ve had all these ideas for posts. Some I started in unpublished drafts, others I didn’t have time to jot down but then completely forgot about.
To Be Honest, I got sidetracked from my original purpose for this blog. I have made quite a few fantastic friendships through other homeschool blogs, groups and forums. These relationships are so treasured. They continue to inspire and encourage me. But, I did begin to feel a little intimidated by all their amazing designs and content. So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to “jump back in.” When I saw this image I just knew it was perfect.

        #2.     I’m Staying

I would like to say that I’ll  continue Three Things Thursdays.  Posting three things I want to share. About Anything.
But realistically speaking. I”m not a writer. I have a natural gift for editing other posts, blogs, flyers, etc.  There have been so many events I’ve wanted to share but, haven’t managed my time.  may post a few randomly. but I am here to stay. Blogging and posting oh so slowly away.

        #3.     I’m Still Loved

The highlight of my week happened today. While we were sitting together on the sofa “dvd schooling” this afternoon all three of my sons passionately discussed who had the pleasure of cuddling next to me. So, despite the fact that KC, KJ, & CJ are now old enough to wipe off my kisses or not want me to hug them in public, it filled my mummy heart to maneuver a way to snuggle with each of them for the duration of TV time.

toddler twins & meprek CJ & me

1-2-12 (one, two; one, two)

Happy Birthday, JESUS

Officially OVER!!

Last Day of School for MunroePalms 2011!!!

We are Done 😀
I’m going to celebrate with a nap 😉
& let the boys watch a video

+ they are FINALLY going to let me show them one of my favourite childhood movies:

Candid Conversations v1.1

this is the beginning of a new series to capture some of the conversations i have with my children that could stand to be documented.

(*imagine one of those cute blog buttons here*)

CJ: “Mummy?”
Me: “Yes, CJ.”
CJ: “I need to contemplate something.”
Me: “What do you need to contemplate?”
CJ: “I need to contemplate my concentration!”
Me: “So…….You need to think about what you think about!! O….K….”
CJ: “Yep!” (with a little giggle)

Knowing You

Knowing you, Jesus,
Knowing you,
There is no greater thing.
You’re my all,
You’re the best,
You’re my joy,
My righteousness,
And I love you, Lord.
Love You, Lord!

{This song has been sung frequently at church during the invitation over the past few weeks. #LoveIt! }

❤ Mrs. C.

31 Days of YES! -Continued

I’m STILL saying YES!!!

Days #12 – #30:
I’ve said “YES!”

• YES! to being the SoccerMum
• YES! to being the Soccer Coach (yep! I sure did. Solo.)
• YES! to HomeSchool jammie day.
But, I made them change into clean jammies 😉
• YES! to getting my hair done (& looking more like Mr. C.’s wife 😉 )
• YES! to Munroe Family Movie Night:  (sharing one of my childhood classics with my boys)
“Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer”    ♥ ♥
• YES! to Moving Forward
• YES! to being over the hype
• YES! to True Repentance
• YES! to taking responsibility for my own heart.  ❤
• YES! to asking the Lord to change my sinful heart.  ❤
• YES! to Life
• YES! to Love
• YES! to GOD

❤ Mrs. C.

31 Days of… Yes! -#11

Day #11:
Today I said “YES!”

• YES! to taking care of my sick little brother
• YES! to More Water
(still building that relationship)
• YES! to watching Thumbelina with 4 boys 😉
• YES! to Soccer Practice FUN
• YES! to Life
• YES! to Love
• YES! to GOD

❤ Mrs. C.

31 Days of… Yes! -#5

Day #5:
Today I said “YES!”

• YES! to letting KC wash the dishes
• YES! to Not Yelling so loud
• YES! to music
• YES! to Life
• YES! to Love
• YES! to GOD

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