HhhhEeeeLlllPppp – HELP!!!

STILL can’t really decide if we should continue with American History or switch to World History.
I’m currently down to:

A Living History of World (Queen HomeSchool)
{which we could use for American or World History – 1/7}

Mystery of History (Bright Idea)
{which is World History – 1/4}

Genesis, Deuteronomy, & Ancient Egypt (Simply Charlotte Mason’s Module 1)
{which is World History – 1/7}

Any thoughts?


-TIA, Mrs. C.


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  1. Hi you ~ I will email you tonight or tomorrow. We are using ALHOW all throughout with SCM living books as a supplement. I would not recommend MOH since it is still not complete. Just my two cents. 🙂 Talk soon … Erin

  2. Hey! I’ve seen you on FB for Queen’s! I have both SCM and A Living History of Our World. I didn’t care for MOH. We’ve decided on Queen’s, ALHOOW, but they are all really great programs. Good luck! Nice to “see” you!

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