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Motherhood: Is It A Dream?

“I’m Living My Dream…..” (Allyson: Mom’s Night Out)

When I was really young if you asked me who I wanted to be when I grew up, with a big beaming dimpled smile I would reply, “When I grow up I’m going to be a very Very VEry VERy VERY famous actress.” Since I loved musicals, whether shown in the theater, the cinema, or at home on VHS, singing was naturally included. At least in my mind. I loved being in the school plays but I was never one who begged for attention or felt the need to be the absolute focus of the spotlight. Believe it or not, I was shy.image
As I continued to grow and transitioned through a big family relocation I became comfortable in a supporting role. I helped. I assisted. I supported.
After a while, women in my life found themselves pregnant, all in various ages and stages of their lives. While they were happily and nervously preparing to be single mothers; I found myself assisting, supporting, encouraging them.   I could complete a baby registry with the main essentials, set up a crib, diaper change a baby extremely quickly and accurately even while blindfolded.

I look back at those times, and know that it wasn’t just me helping them. It was me “going to school.” Me being taught. My education. Yes, even the blindfolded diaper changes during baby shower games.
It was God preparing me for the desire of my heart. My own family. Me mothering and nurturing my own children.
While even as I dreamed of being a “very Very VEry VERy VERY famous actress,” I always knew I would have an amazingly loving husband and a few children, beginning with a son. Somewhere along the line my dream shifted, adjusted, became re-prioritized.

When I gave my heart to the Lord,
He gave me a new desire for my heart.
So now, I AM living My dream.

And this heart is morimagee full than I ever imagined.  Despite certain circumstances, God has allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the process of each of my three pregnancies. He not only blessed me with my first born son, but I have birthed three amazingly handsome sons (who look just like daddy).  Don’t get me wroimageng. Motherhood is not all roses and daisies.   Motherhood is hard. Let me say that again:

 Motherhood Is Hard!   But, it’s worth all the work.
Many people know that 1st Corinthians 13 says
“Love is Patient, Love is Kind….”

But it also says “Love Bears all things, Believes all things,
Hopes all things, Endures all things. ”
Motherhood is ALL those things.
Motherhood requires ALL those things.
Being a mother requires Patience.
Being a mother requires Kindness.
Being a mother requires Bearing.
Being a mother requires Belief.
Being a mother requires Hope.
Being a mother requires Endurance.
Being a mother requires Love.

Motherhood IS Hard.   But, mothers Love Harder.

Until next time, remember:
You’re Growing Greatness.


HSJ 1.2- birthdays, soccer, & precepts

I was trying to wait to write this on the computer and add in pics. But, Mr. C. has been working in the office. So, I’m using the mobile wordpress app. instead because I don’t want to miss the link-up.
-maybe I’ll edit, and add in links and pics later-

In my life this week…
We’ve celebrated more birthdays, began UpwardSoccer season (times 3), and simplified (well, a little)

My favorite thing this week was…
The ability to Surprise Mr.C.
It’s Rare! VERY Rare!
I’m not good at surprising him Mainly because he’s my best friend and I tell him everything.
So, the only reason it probably worked, was because I didn’t organize all the details. Those were left in another pair of capable hands.
(Thanks, JD)
Point is:
He was Surprised. Really Surprised. & Happy. Which made me a Happy Wife.

I’m cooking…
Usually I make and fry our turkey meatballs. However, this last time I made a batch with 2.5lbs of turkey meat, so I decided to bake them instead.
❤ They were loved by all my guys 😉

I’m reading…
I have a few books I want to read. But, I think I NEED to read “Habits Revisited.”

Things I’m working on…
Still, working on waking up early, (and staying awake 😉 to get the day started) consistently.

What’s working/not working for us…
It was discovered that our family schedule has quickly gotten a little too busy in outside activities. Having something almost everyday of the week. Ummmm, no! We’ve done that before and I don’t want to do it again.
+ we need to leave room for those God-planned not man planned-moments.
We had a family meeting and came to the tough decision to set aside some of those commitments.

In our homeschool this week…
Despite All the activities, fun and outings we were able to get Bible, Math, Reading, Handwriting, and English completed consistently. Hooray!! 😀
I’m looking ahead towards our 2012 Education Plan via a more focused Charlotte Mason Approach.

CJ’s language lesson involved writing Limericks. This one makes me laugh:

There was an old man from New York
Who never would eat with a fork
He worked with manure
And then in the sewer
Went home and ate ten day old pork

Questions/thoughts I have…
I have been told more than a few times, that I have a gift for editing.
I KNOW I’m not a writer. But, I frequently get calls, asking to spell a word or verbally edit a sentence.
Wondering if that is something God could use to financially bless my family.
#just a thought.

I am inspired by…
Kay Arthur!
Had the Amazing Opportunity one evening to listen to Kay, Live in-person. WOW!!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

“We exist to establish people in God’s Word!” (-Precepts Ministries International)

❤ Mrs. C.

HSJ 1.1- celebrations, narnia, & probe

This is my first entry into the MunroePalms HomeSchool Journal linked up with The Homeschool Chick.
I wanted to try a weekly recap but, I needed a template to guide me. So, I searched through the blog-O-sphere & this is the one I’m trying.
(though, I’m not promising it will be EvErY week) 😉

Since, this is the 1st I will include things from the past few weeks:

In my life this week…
The last few weeks we’ve celebrated my birthday and our anniversary. 🙂 8) So, things have been a little more lax in the area of directed education.
Also, our local area public schools began their new scholastic year. These weeks are transitional for us since it impacts Mr.C.’s work schedule, it therefore affects our school schedule.
I may just plan to purposely take a rest during this time next year.

In our homeschool this week…
Throughout this year we have been reading the entire Chronicles Of Narnia series.
We have Finally Finished!!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
If a curriculum resource is not working…… its ok to stop using it.
I know, I know, I know. This is a lot easier to say than to do. And I’m sure I’ll need to revisit this again.
I had to do this mfw1st. I love the program, it’s layout and it’s objectives, but the twins need something not so aggressive, right now. I may possibly pull it back off the shelf in January, when they officially begin 1st grade at MunroePalms. Until then, I brought them back into the Reading Lesson.

I am inspired by…
He really and truly displays love for me in the way God intended. It leaves me in more awe as to the love God has for me.

Places we’re going, people we’re seeing…
& My favorite thing this week was…


Peaceful Celebration at the beach

What’s working/not working for us…
The boys and I have begun a weekly class to learn ASL. I LOVE it. CJ Loves it. And despite getting a little restless towards the end of the 90 min. class, KC & KJ Love it.

Questions/thoughts I have…

Things I’m working on…
Joining the rest of my house of early risers. On the occasions that I have begun My day before the guys, things flow ALOT smoother.
It’s really Discipline  & Consistency.

I’m reading…

I’m cooking…
Spaghetti Bolognese

I’m grateful for…
My husband, Mr.C.! After 11 years of being his wife, with All my imperfections, he continues to CHOOSE me. 🙂

I’m praying for…

My sons. I joined up with
so I’m spending the some time focused on praying for CJ, KC, & KJ.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Mr. C. also runs a production company: C-Scope 20/20. Which is expanding programming. I was featured in this HomeSchool Edition of PROBE.

❤ Mrs. C.