31 Days of YES! -Continued

I’m STILL saying YES!!!

Days #12 – #30:
I’ve said “YES!”

• YES! to being the SoccerMum
• YES! to being the Soccer Coach (yep! I sure did. Solo.)
• YES! to HomeSchool jammie day.
But, I made them change into clean jammies 😉
• YES! to getting my hair done (& looking more like Mr. C.’s wife 😉 )
• YES! to Munroe Family Movie Night:  (sharing one of my childhood classics with my boys)
“Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer”    ♥ ♥
• YES! to Moving Forward
• YES! to being over the hype
• YES! to True Repentance
• YES! to taking responsibility for my own heart.  ❤
• YES! to asking the Lord to change my sinful heart.  ❤
• YES! to Life
• YES! to Love
• YES! to GOD

❤ Mrs. C.


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