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31 Days of… Yes! -#1

Day #1:
Today I said “YES!”

• YES! to CJ when he wanted to put a flower in my hair. It was yellow. Didn’t coordinate with my outfit. But, I was crowned and wore it all afternoon, even through grocery shopping at Sam’s.
• YES! to KC for One More hug before bed.
• YES! to Life
• YES! to Love
• YES! to GOD

❤ Mrs. C.


31 Days of… YES! -intro

I saw a link to the 31 Days of… series
& thought it would I’d like to join in.
(haven’t figured out how to add a link from the mobile app, yet)

My topic:
31 Days of… YES!

So, this month I’ll say “YES!”

• Yes! to being more attentively present.
• Yes! to Life
• Yes! to Love
• Yes! to GOD

❤ Mrs. C.

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