#5thOnThe5th: ReSet

Last month I wrote about how difficult it’s been this year  to get on a rhythmic routine.

I’m happy to announce  We are FINALLY getting there!

 We’re not THERE yet, but we are definitely closer.  Of course, it’s probably more because we sort of hit the reset button when I was knocked out with a cold. The twins were feeling a little under the weather also and decided to latch on to my sick week. Which was actually the best thing that could have happened.  Sometimes taking a break from things for a week is exactly what’s needed whether planned or unexpected.
5th grade CORE 3

5th grade CORE 3: Bible, Math, and English.

Ribbit The Exhibit

Finally made it to the botanical gardens to search for the sculptures in “Ribbit The Exhibit.”

iHop Pancake Day 2015

IHop National Pancake Day With donations benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network

Until next time, remember to keep Growing Greatness

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