I Just Couldn’t Miss It!

fpea 2013

That’s right!
We went to the Florida Parent-Educators Association HomeSchool Conference

We already had this week scheduled off of school but had other plans. Close to the last minute plans changed and MrC. worked it out that we were able to go. YAY! MrC!
There were so many awesome and amazing moments (including one slight moment of panic from losing my bank card in the middle of the exhibit hall. no worries. it was later recovered). However, the MAIN MESSAGE of the weekend for ME was… Relationship.
Working Slow & Steady with EACH child at THEIR pace is…okay. Great, even.
The parent-child heart-to-heart relationship is the key that unlocks the door to learning!

My Top 5 Highlights:

1.    Todd Wilson

Mr. FamilyMan was the keynote speaker for Friday morning. It was a great way to kick off our weekend filled with information and encouragement on this Homeschool Journey.  He even took time to share some words of wisdom with all my guys, for now and also for their future as men.

2.   Sonya Schafer

This was Sonya’s first year at the FPEA convention since we began attending and one of the main reasons I Really WANTED to attend this year. I just couldn’t miss it! You could count me a stalker because I went to 4 out of the 5 different workshops she presented & stopped by her booth in the exhibit hall for a little chat. Sonya really is as sweet and kind and firm and gentle in Real Life as I imagined. 
Sadly, I realized on our way home that I forgot to take a photograph with her. #TearDrop

3.    Books!  Books!  Books! 

I truly LOVE Books and MrC. is continually “ever so gently” encouraging me to minimize my collection, so I was Pleasantly Surprised when I won a drawing for a book bundle from the Sonlight booth.  Sonlight book bundle
Of course, I did have a couple of purchases to make in the exhibit hall. Since most of our education plan for the new year has already been accumulated, my focus was finalizing the curriculum selections for English.  Take a peek at my complete book haul from the vendor hall. It’s relatively small in comparison to previous years.

Book Haul -fpea 2013

4.   Jolanthe

Meeting Jolanthe was like running into an old friend.  I’ve read and followed her blog and website for a Long Time.  As well as quite a few messages through email and facebook. But, meeting in person was AWESOME!  Plus, I got to  introduce MrC. to one of the homeschoolers I talk to online and that they REALLY do exist!  He jokingly blamed her for my late night planning sessions since I use her Weekly Homeschool Planner.

Jolanthe & Me

5.   Boys! Boys! Boys! 

Because we were not initially planing to attend the conference this year the Children’s Program was already closed. So we did things a little differently, carefully selecting which workshops to attend. Some we attended all together, some we divided for, some others we skipped and checked out fun stuff in the exhibit hall.  I really enjoyed this time with my family.  All my guys stay emphatic, engaged, and elated. I wonder WHERE they could have possibly got that from?!

Seriously though, we also shot some footage for a new c-scope 20/20 video about homeschooling. Stay tuned. It is currently in post production but, I’ll share it here very soon.



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